CISO Series: Could We Speak To Your CISO To Confirm He Received the Cupcakes?

This week’s episode is hosted by David Spark (@dspark), producer of CISO Series and Andy Ellis (@csoandy), operating partner, YL Ventures. Our guest is Branden Newman, svp, CISO, MGM Resorts.

Listen here:

“It's generous to say that somebody saying military grade means they're meeting a specific standard.. anybody who's meeting a specific standard is going to tell you what their specific standard is.”

CISO Series: A Quick Way to Tell Which Vendors You Should Avoid

Do you really need to ask hundreds of questions to know if you want to work with a vendor?

On this week’s CISO Series CISO/Security Vendor Relationship Podcast, David Spark and I welcome guest Nick Selby, CSO, Paxos Trust Company to discuss:

- How do you suss out security vendors to make sure they're not a risk?
- How do you battle a typosquatter?
- What types of preparations do you have in place to know you're well prepared for an incident?
- How should CISOs and CIOs share cybersecurity ownership?