Talks, in video and slide form

PDF: Herding Lizards
PDF: Herding Lizards (bilingual English/Spanish, as presented at SecZOne 2012)
PDF: 2014 Cognitive Injection Presentation
PDF: 2016, talks on adversarial OODA loops
PDF: Tactical Edge 2018 Keynote: Apocalipsis de la Complejidad Inminente
PDF: 2018 Perimeter of One Presentation
PDF: 2019 RSAC talk on humans in risk management
PPTX: 2019 Keynote on Humans in Risk Management
Youtube video on the history of cryptography
Youtube video on Compliance and Security
Youtube video explaining zero days.
Youtube video explaining the OSI model, and how to fit the web into it.
Youtube video explaining how a simple word like "Secure" can mean different things to different people
Youtube video covering how credit card processing works, and how tokenization operates
PPTX: 2020 Tactical Edge Keynote