1% Leadership

Master the Small, Daily Improvements that Set Great Leaders Apart

Most leadership books suffer from one of two critical failures (and sometimes both). The book might be a hagiography: telling you the biography of some amazing leaders, pretending there is one secret trick that will let you emulate that leader. Or the lesson of book should have been written as a tweet: in 280 characters you could have learned one lesson, but instead you have to fight through 300 pages of obfuscation to decipher the lesson.

1% Leadership is the antidote to these approaches. There is no secret. Instead, 1% Leadership provides 54 distinct lessons on leadership, that apply to individuals, teams, and organizations. Each lesson is presented in a self-contained chapter, averaging under 800 words. The lessons are summarized in a tweet-length pithy summary, which is also the chapter title. The table of contents thus serves as a quick reference guide for leaders.

Advance Praise for 1% Leadership

“Narrating himself, consultant Andy Ellis recommends that business leaders focus on differentiating between what’s important and what’s not. Making a series of incremental improvements in what’s most important, he says, will have a profound cumulative effect. For example, clear, effective communication creates a common language among employees and makes them feel valued, which creates greater overall support for the organization. Ellis’s precise, warm narration suits the practicality of the brief essays that comprise his audiobook. He is a former cybersecurity executive with Akamai, a well-known cloud platform. His 1% leadership methods may sound tricky and uncomfortable, and they won’t produce instant results. But they’re worth the investment as they yield improved operations down the road.


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