Cloud Security Reinvented: Renee Guttman

Episode Summary

Over a long security career, not only do professionals grow and change, but the world they’re operating within also changes. And talking about security, we are witnesses to the transition from local software to cloud security.

The cloud brought new trends in solving security problems. But certain practices from the pre-cloud era still resonate and are in use. At the same time, we still do some things that we should stop.

In this episode of Cloud Security Reinvented, Andy Ellis welcomes Renee Guttmann, a transformational leader in cybersecurity. Andy and Renee get into how building an on-premise model is blended with how the cloud could be leveraged, how security protocols have been modified for the cloud, and how the cloud has changed the approach to cybersecurity.



💡 Name: Renee Guttmann

💡 What she does: Chief Information Security/IT Executive.

💡 Company: Cydome Security

💡 Noteworthy: Renee has delivered world-class global information security programs for Coca-Cola, Time Warner, Royal Caribbean, Campbell, and Capital One, and helped establish the office of the CISO at Optiv. She advises startups on defining their products, services, and go-to-market strategies. On the community front, she partners with other CISOs on cybersecurity training and mentorship. She has been active as a Board Member and Advisor at a large children’s mental health facility for almost a decade.