Cloud Security Reinvented: Nick Vigier

Episode Summary

Cloud security looks a lot different to an outside observer than to an insider. And everyone thinks that some companies are further along in their cloud maturity journey than they really are.

But there’s still a lot of work to be done regarding cybersecurity, so organizations should focus more on becoming cloud-native rather than going for the less-demanding “lift-and-shift” migration method.

In this episode of the Cloud Security Reinvented podcast, our host Andy Ellis welcomes Nick Vigier, a CISO and the owner of Rising Tide Security, LLC. They discuss the downsides of using the forklift migration method, the importance of shifting perspective, and why there is no security career ladder.



💡 Name: Nick Vigier

💡 What he does: He’s the Former CISO at & DigitalOcean.

💡 Company: Rising Tide Security

💡 Noteworthy: Nick was a founding member of the “FDSecE” role at Palantir. The FDSecE team was part of the Business Development team. It consisted of information security experts responsible for acting as thought leaders with clients in topics ranging from security strategy to forensics.