Cloud Security Reinvented: Jeremy Turner

Key insights from this episode featuring Jeremy Turner, Deputy CISO at Paidy:
⚡ Security without passwords. “In a market like Japan, things are quite different. Thinking out of the box is probably the most critical skill we need. When we think about the consumer experience, they don’t have to deal with [passwords], and that really does remove a lot of friction from the typical flow,” Jeremy says.
⚡ There’s so much potential in the cloud. “Now you can just whip out a prepaid card, get an account, and replicate a whole enterprise. Thanks to infrastructure as code, a lot of things can be consistent. So I think that is the biggest potential for growth — more people having access to the technology.”
⚡ Understand your assets and data. “Sometimes, it feels like you are trying to fix a plane while it’s in flight without it crashing, and it could be very delicate. It really can get complex if you don’t understand your critical assets, especially data because we don’t want to lose our data.”