Category: Leadership Podcast

  • TechStrong TV: RSAC 2023

    Andy Ellis joins Alan at RSA to discuss his new book, 1% Leadership.

  • Leadership during Turbulent Times

    Summary In episode 5 of the Leadership During Turbulent Times podcast, Randall Palm interviews Andy Ellis, former CSO at Akamai and current operating partner at YL Ventures, about his approach to leadership and his upcoming book on the topic. Highlights Transcript (raw) (00:00) leadership the action of leading a group of people or an organization…

  • Hacker Valley: There is No Skills Gap

    Hacker Valley: There is No Skills Gap Hosts Ron and Chris interview Andy Ellis, CISO for over two decades that recently started a startup. He is an operating partner at YL Ventures. Andy shares his perspective on whether there is really a skills gap or are we approaching this problem the wrong way?

  • COVID-19: Cybersecurity Workers Have In-Demand Skills (Working Nation)

    Cybersecurity workers in high demand during COVID-19 pandemic Transcript (raw) (00:00) – I’m actually hiring rightnow and we’re looking at possibly hiring a lot morethan we originally planned on. Partly, there’s a big opportunity here. As an Internet deliverycompany, we expect to see some, a lot changes on the Internet. And if people are physicallydistancing,…

  • Business of Software

    Business of Software Andy was one of the speakers at this year’s BoS Conference USA 2019 and talked about why humans were awesome at risk management and why humans were awful at risk management. It is good. Very good. At the speaker dinner, we got into a conversation about how people can take the same data to come to…