Category: Technology

  • H1N1 and telework

    The fear surrounding H1N1 has impacted various aspects of our lives, including hygiene practices and school policies. This, in turn, affects the workplace, as employees with sick children may need more time off. Implementing a sensible telework plan becomes crucial, considering factors like people, process, and technology. Being prepared for such situations is essential and…

  • Sanitization vs. crypto

    Bruce Schneier disagrees with NIST’s stance on encryption as a means of sanitization. He argues that properly implemented encryption, with secure key management, can effectively sanitize data. While NIST has removed the paragraph, Schneier acknowledges the numerous qualifications required for encryption to be fully secure, suggesting that sanitization should still be performed when possible.

  • Invisibility Cloak

    Invisibility Cloak

    As the possibility of invisibility draws nearer, its potential implications become apparent. Scary applications include concealed weapons, bombs, and potential traffic hazards. However, in the cool category, it opens doors for urban renewal, architectural innovations, and even portable privacy umbrellas, although such technologies may also have concerning uses.

  • The enemy’s gate is down

    The enemy’s gate is down

    Mark Kvamme’s ad:tech keynote revealed a discrepancy in media spend despite changes in consumer behavior. TV ad spend exceeds internet ad spend, with network TV’s $64 CPM unfavorably compared to the internet’s $30 premium CPM and $10 ROS CPM. The rise of online advertising and streaming media poses potential challenges and excesses in the advertising…

  • Autoturning headlights

    Autoturning headlights

    Our newly purchased car includes a clever feature where the headlights turn in the direction of the steering wheel. While this is an impressive innovation, I stumbled upon an unintended consequence. The specific curvature of an onramp from Storrow Drive to 93 North coincides with the steering wheel’s auto-adjust threshold, causing the headlights to inadvertently…