Let my message go…

Leadership Moment: The Perfect is the Enemy of the Now

It’s been a crazy month here, and despite some great plans for the newsletter, I kept failing to execute on them – and there’s a leadership lesson right there: sometimes, you build up your own requirements for success so high that, in failing to meet those, you also fail to meet any measure of success. But, with Pesakh upon us, perhaps it’s time to take a page from the ancient Israelites as they fled Egypt to head to Israel, and not wait for the dough to rise, but just have a slice of matzah as our leadership moment.

One Minute Pro Tip: Set a Deadline

Well, I obviously didn’t follow this one. In communications, especially in incidents, it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of your plan being overcome by events: it takes longer to produce a message than it takes for the world to change, and so every draft message gets discarded as you begin the messaging cycle anew.

Commit to a time that a message will go out. Write an immediate version, which doesn’t have to be perfect. Continuously refine it, but at your designated communication time, keep your constituents informed. Send it out.



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