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  • Guardians of the Cyberspace

    Guardians of the Cyberspace

    I was on the Guardians of the Cyberspace podcast with Menny Barzilay, and we had a blast. Below is ChatGPT’s summary of what we talked about. In the latest episode of the Blavatnik School of Computer Science, Tel Aviv University ICRC Podcast, “Guardians of the Cyberspace,” host Manny welcomed Andy Ellis, an influential figure in the cybersecurity industry…

  • CISO Tradecraft: 1% Leadership

    CISO Tradecraft: 1% Leadership

    In this episode of CISO Tradecraft, Andy Ellis talks about the concept of 1% leadership and how small, consistent improvements can lead to significant results in cybersecurity leadership.

  • Bishop Fox Interview at RSAC

    Bishop Fox Interview at RSAC

    Interview with Bishop Fox security research team about leadership at RSAC 2023.

  • Stop Destroying Value: Six Leadership Disciplines

    Stop Destroying Value: Six Leadership Disciplines

    Walk through all of the ways that poor leadership harms the value that team members produce, outlining six key disciplines that leaders need to practice.

  • TechStrong TV: RSAC 2023

    Andy Ellis joins Alan at RSA to discuss his new book, 1% Leadership.