Tag: ddos

  • DNS reflection defense

    DDoS attacks exceeding 100 Gbps, particularly DNS reflection attacks, have become prevalent. Understanding DNS operation is crucial for effective defense. Filtering, DNS server protection, redundancy, anycast, segregation, response handling, and rate limiting are key measures to mitigate attacks and ensure robust architecture.

  • How big is 300 Gbps, really?

    The 300 Gbps attack on SpamHaus may appear significant, but considering attacker capacity, leverage, and target resilience, it becomes more manageable. Reflected DNS traffic can be easily dropped, making it less effective than other tactics. BroBot botnets pose comparable challenges with varied techniques.

  • Architecting for DDoS -Defense

    Designing a robust DDoS mitigation strategy requires understanding potential failures and the efficiency of attacks. While increasing capacity can be a simple solution, it’s crucial to push functionality to the edge, prioritize user authentication, employ caching techniques, and store user-generated content. Instead of focusing on recovery time, design for a Minimum Uninterrupted Service Target to…