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  • An Inclusion MicroTalk

    An Inclusion MicroTalk

    This talk dives deeper on inclusion from the 6 Leadership Disciplines talk, analyzes the data in the blog post on Leading to Representation, and was part of a panel at Blackhat 2023. Transcript Good afternoon, folks. I’m sorry I’m not joining you in person today at Black Hat, but I figured you didn’t want me…

  • CISO Tradecraft: 1% Leadership

    CISO Tradecraft: 1% Leadership

    In this episode of CISO Tradecraft, Andy Ellis talks about the concept of 1% leadership and how small, consistent improvements can lead to significant results in cybersecurity leadership.

  • Stop Destroying Value: Six Leadership Disciplines

    Stop Destroying Value: Six Leadership Disciplines

    Walk through all of the ways that poor leadership harms the value that team members produce, outlining six key disciplines that leaders need to practice.