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1% Leadership provides 54 distinct lessons on leadership, that apply to individuals, teams, and organizations. Each lesson is presented in a self-contained chapter, averaging under 800 words.

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Leadership Talks

  • This talk dives deeper on inclusion from the 6 Leadership Disciplines talk, analyzes the data in the blog post on Leading to Representation, and was part of a panel at Blackhat 2023. Transcript Good afternoon, folks. I’m sorry I’m not joining you in person today at Black Hat, but I figured you didn’t want me…

  • Walk through all of the ways that poor leadership harms the value that team members produce, outlining six key disciplines that leaders need to practice.

Podcasts / Panels

  • Recognizing and Embracing a neurodiverse cybersecurity workforce

    Mobilematics, Inc. presents episode 1 of their #panelcast titled Recogniizing and Embracing a neurodiverse cybersecurity workforce – Why and How with esteemed panelists Diana Kelley, Andy Ellis and Ayesha Prakash hosted by Ashwin Krishnan.

  • COVID-19: Cybersecurity Workers Have In-Demand Skills (Working Nation)

    Cybersecurity workers in high demand during COVID-19 pandemic Transcript (raw) (00:00) – I’m actually hiring rightnow and we’re looking at possibly hiring a lot morethan we originally planned on. Partly, there’s a big opportunity here. As an Internet deliverycompany, we expect to see some, a lot changes on the Internet. And if people are physicallydistancing,…

  • Business of Software
    Business of Software

    https://businessofsoftware.org/2019/10/harry-potter-star-wars-nobody-villain-story-conversation-andy-ellis-cso-akamai/ Andy was one of the speakers at this year’s BoS Conference USA 2019 and talked about why humans were awesome at risk management and why humans were awful at risk management. It is good. Very good. At the speaker dinner, we got into a conversation about how people can take the same data to come to…


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