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  • CISO Tradecraft: 1% Leadership

    CISO Tradecraft: 1% Leadership

    In this episode of CISO Tradecraft, Andy Ellis talks about the concept of 1% leadership and how small, consistent improvements can lead to significant results in cybersecurity leadership.

  • Bishop Fox Interview at RSAC

    Bishop Fox Interview at RSAC

    Interview with Bishop Fox security research team about leadership at RSAC 2023.

  • TechStrong TV: RSAC 2023

    Andy Ellis joins Alan at RSA to discuss his new book, 1% Leadership.

  • Tech Debt Burndown

    Tech Debt Burndown “Stop calling it technical debt” – Andy EllisWith intros over, Nick asks Andy about metrics, and Andy immediately responds by saying “stop calling it technical debt”. Executives have an understanding of ‘debt’, and it’s not a bad word for them, it’s what fuels everything around them. This leads into discussion of when’s the right…

  • Cyber Ranch: Board Reporting Metrics Pt 2

    Cyber Ranch: Board Reporting Metrics Pt 2 Andy Ellis, CISO at Orca Security, is back for part 2 of this series on Board Reporting Metrics. In Episode 1, Andy and host Allan Alford addressed some of the most common questions posed by the board and shared their perspective on what the board needs to know from a cybersecurity standpoint. In this…

  • Cyber Ranch: Board Reporting Metrics, pt 1

    Cyber Ranch: Board Reporting Metrics, pt 1 In this episode, Allan is joined by the CISO at Orca Security, Andy Ellis, to share his thoughts on board reporting metrics. What does the board need to know from a cybersecurity perspective? One of the questions is often: “Are we secure?” Is that even the right question? How much should you talk about…

  • Securing Bridges

    Securing Bridges In this episode, Alyssa talks to Andy Ellis about presenting security to the business in a way that encourages them to participate.

  • Breaking into Cybersecurity

    Breaking into Cybersecurity

  • FIRST Impressions: Andy Ellis

    FIRST Impressions: Andy Ellis Chris, Martin, and Andy chat building teams, navigating within organizations, career change, and interpretive dance.

  • Böeck & XOXO: The Importance of Computer Security

    Andy Ellis joins Fabien Böeck to discuss why computer security is important