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  • How to CISO, Volume 1: The First 91 Days

    How to CISO, Volume 1: The First 91 Days

    Just want to download the eBook? Head over to How to CISO, Volume 1: The First 91 Days! It seems to be a rite of passage for all CISOs to, at some point in their career, write down their advice for other CISOs starting a new job, whether they are a first-time or veteran CISO.…

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Security Talks

  • Summary Everybody sells, right? Wrong. Unless you’re taking an order and retiring your quota, you don’t sell – instead, you market. If you’re selling to a CISO, you need to understand the organizational dynamics that surround a CISO’s decision-making process. This talk walks through nine critical questions that CISOs need to understand the answers to…

  • The Untold Story of Fantastical Social Engineering. Hidden inside the story of Harry Potter is a most subtle of social engineering attacks. Explore how J.K. Rowling hid the world’s greatest villain in plain sight. This talk explores the world of Harry Potter from a different angle: that of the villain. In this talk, given in…

  • How do you know what to invest in next, or whether the time and energy that you’re spending on a security technology or program is a good investment?  Learn how veteran CSOs think about security investments, and develop your own rubric for evaluating where to best make your next security improvement.

  • How do you design defenses against DDoS? And how do you think about them from a policy perspective?

  • How do humans make risk decisions, and are they good, bad, or something else?

  • How do the grand challenges of the future look like the grand challenges of the past?

  • What does a Zero Trust journey look like? Explore how we migrated Akamai to a zero trust network access model, before that was even a phrase people knew.

Security Panels

  • Investing in Solutions for Tomorrow’s Attacks

    Potential investors in the cybersecurity sector need a deep understanding of what the pinch points are for cybersecurity practitioners. Andy Ellis, a 20-year CSO at Akamai who is now an operating partner at YL Ventures, discusses what cybersecurity sectors are attracting investment – and why.

  • Scaling Security Programs in High Growth Companies

    This webinar discusses the challenges of scaling security programs in high-growth companies, featuring insights from security experts from HashiCorp and Robinhood.

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  • Cloud Security Reinvented: Ty Sbano
    Cloud Security Reinvented: Ty Sbano One of the aspects where we can see how much the technology has progressed is the cloud system. Cloud has become more prevalent than on-premise IT infrastructure, mainly since it is more secure and more reliable than it used to be at its very first beginnings. But how is it like to be a…

  • Cloud Security Reinvented: Ben Waugh
    Cloud Security Reinvented: Ben Waugh We live in an era where cloud systems have beaten on-premise services. Most businesses have switched to the cloud infrastructure due to its advanced security and other useful features, but what about healthcare? How do they choose to protect and manage their systems?Meet Ben Waugh, the Chief Security Officer at Redox, a cloud-native medical…

  • CISO Series: Could We Speak To Your CISO To Confirm He Received the Cupcakes?
    CISO Series: Could We Speak To Your CISO To Confirm He Received the Cupcakes? This week’s episode is hosted by David Spark (@dspark), producer of CISO Series and Andy Ellis (@csoandy), operating partner, YL Ventures. Our guest is Branden Newman, svp, CISO, MGM Resorts. “It’s generous to say that somebody saying military grade means they’re meeting a specific standard.. anybody who’s meeting a specific standard is going to…